The Things You Own…

I came across this quote over the weekend, and it got me thinking,
so I created my own version. Not that I am owning up of course…
Would love your thoughts, is it true?
And what do you do, to stop ‘things’ owning you? I’d love to know…

2 thoughts on “The Things You Own…

  1. I have several friends with fantastic dish collections, but they use the same dishes every night – the ones that can go in the dishwasher = for ease of cleaning and to prevent breaking their 'beautiful' dishes. The same with folks who have a tea cup collection and never use them… I don't understand that. Sure, I don't care for doing dishes, but I don't care for sweeping or cleaning the bathrooms, however, life is so much better when we use the things we own – instead of keeping them safe. My husband jokes I have a Klingon mentality – that it is better to have my things (dishes, tea cups, etc.) 'die' in battle than to have never had them fought. It's funnier when he says it, but it's true. If I'm not using my stuff – it owns me. I would preach on, but it's time for another cup of coffee…

  2. I know this post was from last year but I just have to comment. I agree with Joy. I use all my stuff and I know that the next generation will probably sell it in a yard sale because they won't have the same nostalgia that I have about the dishes etc. That is not a bad thing just an is. Yes I believe that things can own us if we stay "behind" in life and don't do what we want to do because of stuff. I love my life and if I ever feel differently about it I will have to lighted the load.

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