London 2012

 It’s 10 days to go to the start of the London 2012 Olympics Games.
As of today, the Olympic athletes & tourists have been pouring into the capital
and preparations are well underway. I don’t have tickets to any of the events,
as I left it a little too late by which time the sports they had tickets left for, 
were sports that I would not even watch on television, never mind sitting there for hours!
We do have the Olympic Torch Relay coming to my town in 3 days and then 
the Olympic Road Cycling Race will also be travelling through on the first couple 
of days of the Games – so all is not lost!

4 thoughts on “London 2012

  1. Beautiful composition of buttons, congratulations!Even my friend Giorgio has written a post on the buttons and the Olympics, you can read it:quiClaudia

  2. Just left London yesterday, after a fantastic 4-day trip. Everything looks ready to party! Have wonderful games! lealu

  3. I can't wait to watch all of the sports…on tv of course. Although me and my hubby have been known to take a 'virtual' trip or two! ^_^ ..I love your sporty button assemblage too!

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