‘Buttons in the Ground’

Buttons in the Ground‘ is a loss of innocence story about Lucy Calvin, a young girl
with a wild imagination in a very real and depressing world that surrounds her.
When her older sister abandons Lucy and her mother, Lucy sets to work
planting a button excitedly waiting for it to grow while her mother, Abigail,
denies that this can happen. As a sprout eventually appears, Lucy’s hopes raise
while Abigail watches distantly.

Buttons in the Ground‘ is a film that proves that while you’re never too young
to lose your faith, you’re never too old to find it.

If you are anywhere near Los Angeles on Monday 7th November 2011,
then join the team behind the new film, ‘Buttons in the Ground’
at the Silent Movie Theater at 7:30P for the LA Premiere.
If you do manage to see the film, come back and let me know all about it –
it sounds fabulous and I would love to see it!

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