>Father’s Day Shirt Cuff & Buttons Card


If like me, you have not got around to forcing encouraging the children to make a card for Father’s Day and need one in a jiffy – this simple Father’s Day card tutorial posted on Factory Direct Craft takes only a moment to create, looks great and is perfect for the button-down wearing dads in your life. Choose plain white buttons for a more conservative look or go wild with colour for funkier style.

You’ll need:
• Cardstock in blues, greys or other shirt-like colors  • scissors  • pen;
  • a needle & thread  • 2 buttons per card  • a template.
(You can make your own shirt cuff template or you can download
the original template here. The link to the download is under “Things to do’.

The How-to:
1. Using the cuff template, cut out one shape for each card you want to make. 
2. Write a message on the inside and Happy Father’s day on one end of the outside. 
3. Fold (without creasing) so that the ends meet and stitch the buttons in place.

Voila! A cute Father’s Day card in a jiffy!

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