>Travelling Buttons


Russian animator, Anastasia Zhuravlena created & directed this fabulous short film dedicated to all the buttons lost in the metro. The film features performances by all kinds of magnificent buttons; round ones, squares one, wooden ones, plastic ones, colourful ones and toggles. Starting with a rush-hour scene, where the trains are made from zips, the story unfolds of button love found on the escalator, love lost and love rediscovered. There are also some great little scenes of a button taken ill and then the usual drunken buttons on the last train home!

Anastasia studied at the Department of History & Philology of the Russian State Humanities University until 1999 and majored in Jewish Studies. She learned animation film-making at the Rys Studio and Shar School in Moscow.

 Ostorozhno, Dveri Otkryvajutsia! (Caution, the Doors Are Opening!), 
directed by Anastasia Zhuravlena, Russia 2005

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