>One Chair = 1,727 Buttons

>My jaw dropped and I did a double take, when I saw this amazing piece of work by Annelie Jakobs from Thuisvlucht. (Thuisvlucht means “Flying Home”)

Annelie found an old chair by the side of the road, around the corner from her house. After taking it home and living with it for a while, she found it was no longer usable and transformed the chair into… (wait for it!) 1,727 Buttons! Every button is unique, individually identified with it’s location in the chair, a number, a thread and a label. I love the way the chair/buttons as been laid out, all neatly strung together.

Annelie’s concept is that she wants, what was once part of her home, to now fly around the globe and become a part of other people’s homes. She is selling the individually numbered buttons for €5.00 each (including postage), and via a map on her website, is tracking the locations of where the (chair) buttons end up!

Do go and have a look around the website HERE (there is an English language version) and click on various different sections of the laid-out button chair  – the photo’s are not only amazing but the detail is incredible. I would love to know how this project took Annelie from start to finish – never mind cutting the chair up into buttons the cataloging is enough to make my head hurt!


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