>Tutorial Tuesday – ‘Memory’ Button Bracelet

>After giving birth to a long-awaited daughter in December 2008, I was given some really lovely baby clothes and as is always the way, they grow out of them far too quickly. I am not a hoarder by nature, but I couldn’t bear to part with most of them, as I could picture my daughter wearing every single one of them. 

Over the last year or so, I have been slowly working on a quilt for my daughter, using all those tiny baby clothes I had hoarded stored away. You would be amazed at how long it takes to cut up such small clothes into 4″ squares – it takes forever! I have lots of little scraps, some of which I am planning on using to applique designs to the quilt but some are just too small to do anything with… till… I came across this great little tutorial, on Cut Out & Keep, an online community for making & sharing step-by-step craft tutorials!

One Button, One Memory

I love the name of this self-covered fabric button bracelet – ‘One Button, One Memory’. What a great way of using all those little scraps of fabric, that you have either kept for sentimental reasons or purely because you love it.  I have the most beautiful vintage silver charm bracelet that my grandmother slowly made up for my mother over many years, adding little charms from all her travels and I think you could apply the same principle to this memory bracelet, add new buttons, along the way, using scraps of fabric that have a special memory. Happy Memory Making!

And don’t forget – if you do make anything using the tutorial links, I’d would love to see them – head over to the facebook page, Bonkers About Buttons and post your photos!

2 thoughts on “>Tutorial Tuesday – ‘Memory’ Button Bracelet

  1. >What a fantastic idea! I've been refusing to throw out my Sesame Street sheets that my dad bought me when I was little and then I used for both of my boys – I have some of those button cover jiggers too! Thanks for sharing!

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