>Handmade gifts from the kitchen


For Christmas this year, my group of close friends decided that we were giving each other small token gifts. I decided to make some handmade gifts from the kitchen after seeing a couple of great ideas in the December issue of the Country Living magazine. One idea was a Gingerbread Cookie Kit in a jar with a wooden spoon & cookie cutter and the other was for Chocolate Stem Ginger Fudge.
This is how they turned out and I was quite pleased with the results! The cookie mix was very easy to do and I attached a small label with the recipe instructions for making & baking. The fudge was equally easy to make, the only fiddly bit, was cutting out individual squares of wax paper to wrap the fudge pieces in. I found some lovely paper giftbags from Paperchase and I was then good to give. In return, I was also given some lovely handmade gifts, but more on that later! Did you make and give handmade this Christmas? I would love to hear what you made!

handmade projects


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