>Halloween Snake & Skull Wreath


After having seen this fantastic Halloween wreath idea in the October edition of Martha Stewart Living, I decided I would have a go at making my own!
Little did I know how difficult a task I had set myself! I tried 4 different local stores (driving between all of them) for the wicker base, only to finally discover one in a florist around the corner from my house – a 5 minute walk away! The next task of finding the rubbery snakes was even harder – I tried every single toy shop in my area only to be told that they did not sell them anymore. I finally found the last 4 in a Halloween pop-up shop, which were not as flexible as I would of liked but by this point I didn’t really care!
I sprayed both the snakes and the wreath (in my enthusiasm to get cracking, I forgot to take any photos before spraying – 2 of the snakes were green and the other 2 were black with a white stripe) and left them to dry all day. I hung the wreath on some string on the washing line and left the snakes flat.
I weaved the snakes around the frame and added some black foliage as the snakes looked a bit lonesome.
And voilà – here she is…
I think I need to have another look in the cold light of day as I am not 100% happy with it yet. It is all weaved and not hot glued so I might well take it apart and have another go. I do have a skull which I also bought today and might include it too – not sure yet…
After totting up what I had spent on the wreath, spray paint, snakes, foliage and the skull – I was a bit shocked to discover I had spent the best part of £33.00!!!!!! (and that does not include the petrol). I would never spend this on a bought Halloween wreath – so this baby had better look good and earn it’s keep!

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