>Button Eyed ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ Squash People


Ever since spending time in the US over Halloween, I have always loved the decorative build-up & anticipation to the big night. The UK Halloween ‘market’ is nothing like that in the States, but it is now slowly catching up and there are lots more Halloween goodies available to buy. I am lucky enough to live in a lovely ‘community’ road, where everyone pretty much knows each other and we have an organised “Trick or Treat” night for all the children. We circulate a ‘ghost’ poster to display in windows for those houses that are happy to open their door to ‘trick or treaters’ and most people tend to display a lit Jack-o-Lantern too.

After seeing this photo on Martha Stewart, I have always given my Jack-o-Lanterns noses – the longer, the better!
So, imagine my glee, when I came across these Jack-o-Lanterns in the Womens Day Halloween Special magazine that a friend kindly sent to me from the US! I can’t quite believe I didn’t think of it before!
This photo was taken about 4 years ago – the first year that my ‘little pumpkin’ felt brave enough to go Trick or Treating – I am sporting a fetching wierd combination of ‘Witchiness meets Blood Sucker’! What plans do you have for Halloween this year?


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