>Eva Juliet


Eva Juliet, who lives in Canada, is a graphic designer and illustrator, who is happiest with a sketch journal in one hand and a pen in the other (and with a ‘café-au-lait’ always nearby – she’s a girl after my own heart!). Eva creates timeless posters using a combination of illustration & the most beautiful hand-drawn typography I have seen in a long time. 
As a graphic designer myself, there was a time when most typography was initially hand drawn on paper (over & over again until it was perfect) and then either scanned or re-created on the mac – and now…? – it’s all pretty much digital based, using pre-drawn characters, with very little drawn by hand – which is why these beautiful images & typography jumped out of the page right at me – the fact that there were Buttons illustrated as well – well that’s another matter entirely!


2 thoughts on “>Eva Juliet

  1. >Ooh Stephanie, thank you so much. I so appreciate your warm comments about my work, specially from a graphic designer! : )Your blog has a so lovely theme. I love buttons too. I remembered when I was a little girl and my mom let me play with boxes filled with buttons. For me, it was a box of candy! : )

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