>Bonkers or Normal?


Since childhood, I have always loved anything which was old & used, bashed or bruised, (though I have been known to like shiny new things too!) While pottering around a charity shop one day, I chanced upon a beautiful button – one which I just had to have. It was the princely sum of £2.00, and it, in turn triggered a long-held fascination with buttons.

I am always on the lookout for buttons and have managed to convince both friends and family to be on the lookout for me too! In my constant search, I have come across not only the most amazing buttons, but wonderful creations that people are making – using buttons of course! The intention of this blog, is to showcase all the little treasures I find along the journey – I hope you enjoy the ride!

3 thoughts on “>Bonkers or Normal?

  1. >aah, thank you secret pepper lady! I think your blog is great – i esp. love all the humour in the midst of the madness so thank you for dropping by – I spotted those rather lovely buttons on your blog, which I think look like pendants – did you make them? I have got lots of little button treats in store, so keep those peepers peeled!

  2. >Yes, I'm making button magnets and button bookmarks. I actually sold 3 to a bride to be who wanted them for her brides maids. I was flattered. I love sparkly things and all vintage buttons. Did I mention I love roses? Yes, there is always humor in the midst of madness at our house. Nicely put!

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